Sarah Hearn is an interdisciplinary visual artist and citizen scientist. Hearn's work is idea driven and is strongly rooted in photography, drawing, installation art and participatory culture. To learn about ongoing exhibition and research activities, subscribe to the artists Newsletter.

Above: Gazing at the sky, weather and atmosphere. Weather Observations is a visual record documenting the artist's awe and respect for the power of the weather. This ongoing, 3-year study that incorporates drawings, photographs, frescos and hand bound books.

In-between: Calling attention to invisible terrestrial life forms and realizing new artificial ones. This work investigates how humans can collaborate with, understand, and mimic small unassuming forms in nature- specifically lichen.

Hearn is currently collaborating with Lichenologist, Dr. Sheila Strawn, Ph.D. on a Lichens of Oklahoma Lab Guide. See the artist designed field guide cover here |Lab Guide: Lichens of Oklahoma|

In May of 2015, Urban Colonizations unveiled in Kansas City Missouri. The artist created 12 site-specific, artificial lichen colonies hidden in various locations throughout the city. Colonies were hosted at Mid-America Arts Alliance, Plug Projects, The Anita B. Gorman Conservation and Discovery Center and Union Station/ Science City! This participatory project included an interactive app with clues to the colonies whereabouts. Participants who found all hidden colonies were awarded with a special edition photograph.

Below: Diving deep into all things aquatic.This interdisciplinary project documents the fictional discovery of a catalog of marine life and its relationship to the periodic table of elements. Relevant bodies of work include: New Taxonomy, Evidence, Field Notebook and Rejected.